Help Eradicate Abuse through Learning

We offer direct help to Child Sexual Abuse survivors via 1:1 counselling sessions. As part of our rehabilitative program, we offer psychosocial support to all survivors of child sexual abuse and their caretakers.

We have a qualified panel of psychologists, lawyers and doctors who consistently volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to the HEAL program.

Suchismita Bose, Program Director Heal, is a qualified clinical psychologist and specialises in working on sexual abuse. Currently apart from providing therapeutic assistance to child and adult survivors of CSA, she is also involved in the capacity building and training of other counsellors to work on the issue. At the foundation we recognise that disclosing childhood sexual abuse requires immense courage. Heal ensures that every case is handled with utmost confidentiality, sensitivity and skill.

At the moment we have 24 survivors of CSA who have either completed or are still undergoing an intensive therapeutic process with the help of our therapists.


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