Equation 2010

When all of us at The Foundation started brainstorming on how to raise funds for its corpus the most popular suggestion seemed to be an art auction. Sadly we found we knew as much about art as Van Gogh knew about cricket. But we do know a thing or two about sport. (Sometimes it helps to have a sport-crazy founder). So we decided on holding India's most complete sport auction. An auction that would in its first year, embrace the rainbow of Indian champions. What we were totally unprepared for is the sheer class of the items we received from pledging sportspersons.

First thing first. Not one Indian champion said no. And, most heartbreakingly (in a good way), they gave their most precious or near-most precious memorabilia for free. So, in our very first year, we have Equation 2010 boasting of pieces of the caliber of Vishy Anand's world championship gold medal, Sachin Tendulkar's fourth highest one-day score bat and Abhinav Bindra's world championship-winning rifle.

That's just the Champion's section. There's a Masters section that features some of the greatest names in the last three decades and an International section that showcases memorabilia (donated by Indians who believe in The Foundation) from some of the greatest overseas sportspersons.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the sports champions, from Sunil Gavaskar who lives 5 minutes away from my home in Mumbai to Bhaichung Bhutia in Sikkim. The Foundation owes you a debt we cannot possibly repay. What we can assure all of you is an evening unparalleled in India's sporting history. Where, under one roof, the best qualities of Indian sport will beat in the hearts of its champions. Thank you.

- Rahul Bose

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