Restoring Equality through Education and Advancement of Children

Tabitha Baite
Lhaineineng Vaiphei

Chinglemba Tokpam
Jitbir Longjam

Laija Naorem

Tabitha comes from Churachandpur, a hill district in Manipur. She has a strong sense of self and is extremely compassionate. She hopes to become an engineer when she grows up. She is learning Kathak and lawn tennis at New Era High School.

Lhaineineng is a bright, curious girl from Kangpokpi, Manipur. She is constantly aspiring to learn something new. She deeply cares for the environment and participates in various nature conserving activities at New Era High school. She is part of the school choir and the basketball team.

Chinglemba grew up in lmphal, Manipur. He is imaginative and loves to spend his time doing craft work. His interests vary from science to cooking. He wants to become an IAS officer and a chef. He also is part of the art and craft club at New Era High School.

Jitbir is witty, curious and emotionally mature beyond his years. He loves sport and outdoor games. He wants to return to his hometown in lmphal after becoming a doctor. He has been elected captain of the middle school and is inspired to be a good leader at New Era High School.

Laija is a confident, outspoken girl who has grown up with her family in Paona Bazaar, lmphal, Manipur. Laija’s natural leadership has led to becoming the captain of the middle school. She loves Manipuri folk dance and is now learning Kathak at New Era High School. This year Laija performed both the dance forms at the annual program.


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