2011 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
Get Fit For Marathon – Training Program!

Get fit for the Mumbai marathon with Rahul Bose and The Foundation by participating in a specially designed training program with Rahul’s personal trainers from Arryan Fitness World.

Let your body benefit from a special combination of running, cross fitness, yoga and nutritional training to get in peak condition for the Mumbai Marathon.

Held at locations across the city, sign up and enjoy the fun of getting fit in the great outdoors! Train in a batch and keep focused and motivated as part of a team!

Scientific Running Training:

• To get correct running form, strides, fluidity and grace in running.
• How to position head, shoulder, arms, hips and feet while running.
• Get most out of running routine by avoiding painful and costly injuries.
• Build-up and maintain endurance & speed by Scientific running training   program.

Functional & Cross Fit Training

• Improve muscle endurance and strength to run marathon.
• Increase muscle performance & response time.
• Tones muscles & Improve balance and posture.
• Improving Muscle Coordination.
• Enhancing Enjoyment of Physical Activities

Yoga Training

• For positive frame of mind and to become mentally & emotionally strong.
• Increase flexibility, decrease the risk of joint injury or overuse strain by   minimizing connective tissue stress (bone, ligament, tendon, or cartilage).

Diet & Nutrition Planning
• Diet & nutrition planning to improve performance and achieve optimum level   of fitness.
• To lose excess weight to improve performance

Body Assessment & Performance Test

Body assessment & performance test twice a month to check health related fitness & performance.

The training will be provided on a professional level, which means we will personally study each person & provide individual guidance and progressive training schedules which shall result in positive outcomes for the runner in preparation for the marathon.

Day 1 Running Training & Yoga
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 Functional & Cross Fit Training
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 Running Training & Yoga
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 Rest

Rs 3000 per month - Payable upfront in advance

How to register
Email us at the Foundation info.thefoundation@gmail.com


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