Restoring Equality through Education and Advancement of Children

Sarhan Showkat
Sheeba Allie

Yousra Iqbal
Arbeena Jan

Aasif Dar
Muqadas Wani

Sarhan is an extremely bright, warm and confident young boy. He is imaginative and multi-talented, as confident captaining his cricket team as breaking into song in perfect melody. He is currently in class 11, Sarhan is studying ISC science at Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore. Introspective and philosophical; Sarhan dreams of being a fighter pilot one day.

A soft spoken young girl with a quiet confidence, Sheeba is sharp, logical and perceptive. She's also every teacher's dream-diligent, attentive, and ready to absorb. Currently in class 11, Sheeba is studying a combination of subjects including history, economics, psychology and math at The Valley School, Bangalore.

A composed young girl, Yousra is alert, aware and observant. Able to think practically and on her feet, she is ambitious and has extremely high expectations of herself. She is currently studying science in class 11 at The Valley School, Bangalore. Excellent at studies particularly physics and mathematics, Yousra wants become a commercial pilot.

A sensitive and thoughtful young girl, Arbeena is assertive and stands her ground when necessary. She has a fierce desire to do well and make her parents proud. Arbeena's curiosity to grasp any new knowledge is commendable. She is currently studying in class 11 at The Valley School, Bangalore. She wants to be a psychologist to work on mental health in Kashmir.

Aasif is a clear leader, delegator and problem solver by nature. He is able to think out of the box and on his feet. A born sportsman, Aasif conducts the school sports fest with relish and ease. Aasif is currently studying the IB curriculum in class 11 at the Mahindra United World Colleges, Pune on a full scholarship. An idealist as well as a budding musician, he wants to become a lawyer and singer.

Muqadas is a bright, effervescent and articulate young girl. Reflective and self aware, she feels very strongly about gender equality. She enjoys public speaking and participating in debates and group activities. Excellent at studies particularly sciences, Muqadas wants to become a doctor. She is pursuing her class 11 studies at The Valley School, Bangalore.


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