Providing Economic Endowment to Related Schemes
Project Peers

To promote education, The Foundation has provided financial support to the following organizations:

- Aman Biradari (Founder, Mr. Harsh Mander) - A people's campaign for a secular, peaceful, just and humane world.

- The Yuvraj Singh Foundation (Founder, Mr. Yuvraj Singh) – YSF supports the empowerment of underprivileged children through education.

- CJP - Citizens for Justice & Peace – The main aim of the organization is the promotion of communal harmony.

- Riverside Education Foundation - Riverside is providing schools with an alternative model which focuses on excellence and still works in different economic and cultural contexts which make it possible for children all around the country to have access to a true education.

- AKSHARA – The Akshara Centre works toward a gender just society where women can live with dignity, free from violence and discrimination.

- INTACH - The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage works toward protection and conservation of India’s heritage.


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