Equation 2013

"EQUATION 2013 - A Fundraiser FOR EQUALITY" - This year's fundraiser is not going to be an auction of world champions’ sporting memorabilia as has been the norm. It’s going to be an evening of musical genius introducing a partnership that has not ever been seen before in the history of modern India.

The world's greatest tabla player and a legendary percussionist will be playing with one of the world’s finest choirs for the first time ever - Ustad Zakir Hussain will play live with the Shillong Chamber Choir on Friday, March 1, as part of The Foundation’s ‘EQUATION 2013 – A Fundraiser for Equality’. The hour-long recital will feature opera, Bollywood favourites, a tabla-piano jugalbandi and a solo by the Ustad on three percussion instruments. In the presence of one of the most envied choirs in the world of music, the Ustad is even going to sing. Led by their Director, Neil Nongkynrih, the Choir will perform three new compositions for the first time.

Speaking on the occasion, the founder of The Foundation Rahul Bose said, "The Foundation must have done something right in its life to have such incredible people supporting it. Ustad Zakir Hussain has always been our friend – it is unbelievable but true that he has offered to perform free of cost. The Shillong Chamber Choir are new, but strong, friends too. They have made India proud on the world stage and now will be playing with the greatest tabla cum percussionist player ever."

"History will be made on March 1. The Trident, Nariman Point has been magnificent over the years for all our fundraisers. They conjure the best food, shower us with warm, intuitive service and play uncompromising hosts to all our guests, year after year! What more could a foundation ask for?"

- Rahul Bose

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