The Foundation believes that in the long run disadvantaged parts of the world can only be economically and socially uplifted by the inhabitants of the region itself i.e. people that are ancestrally, socially and culturally linked to the land.

To that end, The Foundation has decided to work in the most disadvantaged parts of India from where it will select children and give them an unparalleled education from (grade 6 up to employability), multifaceted experience and exposure, both deep and wide.

So that in 15 years, they return to their homelands as world class professionals who will inevitably assume the role of thought leaders and change makers.

A note from the founder

“It only requires a glance at some of the greatest aid-receiving countries in the third world to realise parachuting money and supplies into a region only works in the short term. For any disadvantaged region to truly evolve economically as well as culturally, change has to be driven by its people. People who feel a fierce, deep love for their homeland, people who are prepared for the long haul that is true and lasting development. At The Foundation it is our greatest desire to educate children from such regions and then, once they are fully qualified and ready, see how, once they return to their homelands, they succeed in changing attitudes, work cultures and systems to reflect their contemporary, compassionate, excellence-driven ethos.”
- Rahul Bose, Founder


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