Selection process

1) Selection of a region:
Based on geographical, historical, ethnical or political differences within the country.

2) Selection of school:
Based on its quality of education, philosophy, extra-curricular activities and boarding environment.

3) Selection of children:
Who are intellectually curious, emotional resilient and culturally rooted. Five phase selection process:

Phase I – Disseminating information about the scholarship program and inviting applications (including an essay and artwork) by eligible students from all districts of the state.
Phase II – Conducting the school admission test with shortlisted applicants in every district.
Phase III – Conducting group activities with shortlisted applicants in the state.
Phase IV – Conducting a session with a local child psychologist with each child & family followed by home and school visits to meet with the child's family, teachers and friends.
Phase V – Final selection by panel.


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