Help Eradicate Abuse through Learning
The Foundation has chosen to work in the area of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) due to the prevalence of CSA and the stigma, self or socially inflicted, that survivors experience.
Our vision is to ease discrimination practiced by the community towards survivors and the self discrimination survivors experience.

We aim to do this by working towards:
• The prevention of CSA through educating communities
• The empowerment of communities to recognize and heal survivors
   through increased awareness
• Providing a holistic rehabilitation program for survivors

HEAL creates a dialogue between parents and teachers to address the myths surrounding sexual abuse and also to help them deal with any situation of abuse faced by children. For a child, parents and teachers are the two sets of adults whom he/she can trust and seek support from. Thus it places an immense responsibility in their hands of protecting them.

Workshops are being held in various schools and colleges to help teachers and parents understand CSA, identify cases, learn preventive techniques and also know where they can turn for help.

The Foundation also strongly believes that advocacy and collaborative efforts with the government and other like minded organisations is the only way to create a fast paced and effective impact in our fight against child sexual abuse. Thus one of our main objectives is to sensitise with a view to influence decisions or policies developed by our government with regards to child sexual abuse.

The program was started in 2008 and is a three-pronged effort that
Awareness building
• Providing practical rehabilitation to those who have been victimized.
Advocating for policy development


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