Restoring Equality through Education and Advancement of Children
Vision & Mission

Our vision is to have a greater understanding, awareness and appreciation of people's worth from disenfranchised Indian communities. We aim to achieve this vision by providing opportunities to link children from disenfranchised communities with other communities in India through education.

More than any other time in our history, the challenge of melding the two Indias occupies the public discourse as it must. Rich and poor, urban and rural, upper caste and tribal, the idea of India waits to be redefined. The creation of The Foundation seeks to influence this redefinition into one that envisions a totally inclusive India, an India where, through quality education, every Indian starts with the same opportunity. Thus was born our spearhead initiative, REACH (Restoring Equality through the Education and Advancement of Children).

REACH is an educational initiative that provides full scholarships for students from areas that are infrastructurally disadvantaged due to geography or history to the most appropriate schools of the highest standard. Emotional resilience, ability to adapt, special skill sets, sports, cultural abilities and academics are factors weighted equally in the selection process.

The idea of REACH is to have classrooms in the best schools of this country full of children from every region of the land. Children who would otherwise never have the chance to break out of their communities. Locked away by geography, history, politics, or simply, poverty, REACH seeks to give bright, deserving children ten-year scholarships, from Std 6 to graduation.

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